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While on the path to self-improvement, Samantha and Drew, a rambunctious pair of late 20 somethings in NYC, agree to a game-changing bet to reshape their lives and face their inner demons. But addressing the past turns out to be more than bargained for with this no-boundaries, co-dependent duo.

The Concept

Very much a love letter to the ride-or-die friendship, "11 Blocks To Go" explores the intricacies of a long-term friendship burdened with damaging secrets during a mutual journey to self betterment. Packed with romance and many of life's most grueling complications, "11 Blocks To Go" offers a glimpse into the vulnerable and beguiling human condition.

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The Synopsis

After a pattern of harmful behavior leaves best friends Drew and Samantha unfulfilled and emotionally wounded, they both agree to a bet to break free of their toxic cycles and reclaim control over their lives.

By examining both of their past romantic and interpersonal failings, Samantha and Drew must navigate a life free of addiction, exes, and emotional unavailability. Drew battles with his desire to improve his life while trying to stave off the underlying urges to destroy it all. Meanwhile, Samantha begins to set plans in motion to start her dream company, while failing to deny the advances of their mutual friend Gray. The stakes increase for this ride-or-die friendship when both Samantha and Drew begin to shift from radical honesty to mounting deceit.


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