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11 Blocks To Go Wins Austin Comedy Festival!

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

November 2, 2021

Ashley Alexander and Jack Utrata (Lullaby, Shakespeare in Quarantine, The Sonnet Project) came away with a huge win at the Austin Comedy Film Festival last night taking the prize of "Best Romantic Comedy Teleplay" for their pilot "11 Blocks To Go."

"11 Blocks To Go" explores the intricacies of a long-term friendship burdened with damaging secrets during a mutual journey to self-betterment. Packed with romance and many of life's most grueling complications, "11 Blocks To Go" offers a glimpse into the vulnerable and beguiling human condition.

Austin is the first nomination and first win for the writer duo for this project.

"The Austin Comedy Film Festival is a bi-annual event on the Film Festival Circuit for comedy filmmakers and screenwriters from all over the world to showcase their creative works in Texas. The ACFF judges are searching for funny and engaging films to entertain a comedy loving audience. All types of comedy submissions are selected and screened including Funny Music Videos, Comedy Series Episodes, Dark Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Mockumentary, TV Pilots, Sitcoms, Commercials, Micro Films, Animated Comedy, Horror Comedy, Stand-up Comedy, Sketch Comedy, and any other type of Comedy that you can think of. We want our audience to laugh non-stop in a fun, fast paced program at a great venue. Originally named the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, ACFF was founded by author and retired filmmaker Mikel Fair who worked on location in the Film and Television industry from 1999-2015. “Do you have a design in mind for your blog? Whether you prefer a trendy postcard look or you’re going for a more editorial style blog - there’s a stunning layout for everyone.” - Austin Comedy Film Festival Website

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