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It's a Texas-Sized Welcome for LGBTQ+ Series "11 Blocks To Go" (2 Nominations, 1 Official Selection)

Ashley Alexander and Jack Utrata's pilot for their upcoming LQBTQ+ series "11 Blocks To Go" is now a nominee and finalist in two upcoming festivals in Texas, Houston Comedy Film Festival (Best Dark Comedy Teleplay Finalists), and Texas Short Film Festival (Best Teleplay Award Finalists). In addition, they are an official selection for the Austin After Dark Film Festival in May, making this their fourth official selection in Texas alone.

This is not the first time the project has garnered attention in Texas. Last October, the duo walked away with the "Best Romantic Comedy Teleplay Award" at the Austin Comedy Film Festival.

This is the seventh nomination for the writer duo overall for this project. Other wins include the "Platinum Script Writing Award" at the LGBTQ - Unbordered International Film Festival in February and the "Special Jury Award" at the Los Angeles Film Awards last year.

To date, the pilot script has been selected for eleven festivals, placed as a finalist in the International TV Pilot Awards, and was a semi-finalist in The Big Apple Film Festival, The Hollywood Just4Shorts Film & Screenplay Competition, and the Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival.

"11 Blocks To Go" explores the intricacies of a long-term friendship burdened with damaging secrets during a mutual journey to self-betterment. Packed with romance and many of life's most grueling complications, "11 Blocks To Go" offers a glimpse into the vulnerable and beguiling human condition.

Logline: While on the path to self-improvement, Samantha and Drew, a rambunctious pair of late 20 somethings in NYC, agree to a game-changing bet to reshape their lives and face their inner demons. But addressing the past turns out to be more than bargained for with this no-boundaries, co-dependent duo.

The pilot script for "11 Blocks To Go" remains on the festival circuit and the duo is actively seeking backing.

The Texas Short Film Festival will take place March 19th, 2022 and The Houston Comedy Film Festival will take place April 16th, 2022. Updates to Follow.

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