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New LGBTQ+ Series "11 Blocks To Go" Wins at 1st International Screenwriting Festival

Ashley Alexander and Jack Utrata won a "Platinum Script Writing Award" for their pilot "11 Blocks To Go" at the LGBTQ - Unbordered International Film Festival in February.

This is the fifth nomination and third win for the writer duo for this project (they were also nominated at the Montreal Independent Film Festival earlier this year). Previous wins include the "Special Jury Award" at the Los Angeles Film Awards and "Best Romantic Comedy Teleplay" at the Austin Comedy Film Festival. To date, the pilot has been selected for eight festivals, placed as a finalist in the International TV Pilot Awards and as a semi-finalist in The Big Apple Film Festival, The Hollywood Just4Shorts Film & Screenplay Competition, and the Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival.

The "11 Blocks To Go" synopsis: "After a pattern of toxic behavior leaves best friends Drew and Samantha unfulfilled and emotionally wounded, they both agree to a 3-month pact to break their cycles and reclaim control of their lives."

The pilot script for "11 Blocks To Go" remains on the festival circuit.

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